Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Rafa Benitez Liverpool Latest

Benitez trys to save his skin

The Liverpool Echo is producing some quotes from Rafael Benitez, which appear to be aimed as much at the Americans, as the fans. Rafa is again quoted as saying how much he loves the club etc, and that the 'dead man walking' stories are a complete misrepresentation of him. Tellingly, he does admit the comments come from a private conversation he had with journalists about ten days ago, which he maintains has been completely distorted in the press.

The Echo is also reporting, that the managers position is almost certain to be discussed when Rick Parry shortly arrives in America to discuss the position of the new stadium development.

Given the Echo is widely held to be both the voice of the club and manager, it seems Benitez is trying to back track from ]off the record' comments made to journalists and the owners are making it very clear that he is still likely to be replaced. I can only see this leading to one thing - Benitez is on his way, either in a mid-season dust-up as the speculation makes his position untenable a la' Mourinho at Chelsea, or more likely in the time honoured Liverpool fashion of keeping things as stable as possible, with a summer exit.

It all depends on the whether the speculation makes the latter impossible but Footy Focus believes the decision has already been made.


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