Friday, January 18, 2008

DIC prepare Liverpool bid

DIC still keen as Hicks and Gillett get closer to refinancing

Dubai International Finance is preparing to bid again for Liverpool Football Club. The Liverpool Echo, long known as the voice of the club, is reporting that DIC are preparing to launch a bid for Tom Hick's stake in the club. Hicks and Gillett are getting closer to a refinancing deal, but DIC see the present struggle to refinance the loan as a window of opportunity to once again acquire an asset they have long coveted.

Whether Hicks will be willing to sell remains to be seen. He and Gillett fought long and hard to acquire Liverpool, and both are still of the firm view that it is an asset that will deliver a sizeable return in the long term.

Footy Focus suspects Liverpool fans will be praying for DIC to enter the fray, and remove at least one of the Americans out of the equation, in what has rapidly turned into a disasterous foray into the Premier League for Hicks and Gillett. Rafa Benitez too, wont be upset that at least one of the Americans maybe going, as it clearly represents his best hope of remaining in charge.

The next few days and weeks are going to very interesting as it all plays out. Sources close to Gillett insist he is undecided over whether to agree to the refinancing deal being mooted, or pursue the partnership with DIC, in an attempt to buy out Hick's share.


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