Friday, January 11, 2008

Newcastle close in on Redknapp

Events gather pace as bets are off on Harry's move

Newcastle close in as Redknapp remains silent. Harry Redknapps move to Newcastle appeared to be gathering pace last night, with events all pointing to an imminent departure for the 60 year old Redknapp.

The usual pre-game press conference was cancelled and Redknapp was driven away from the ground by Portsmouth Chief Executive Peter Storrie as a media scrum gathered.

Speculation was further fuelled by the unavailability of the Newcastle charman Chris Mort, and it is understood Newcastle are preparing to formalise thier approach. Some reports have Portsmouth bowing to the inevitable already, with a compensation package being discussed. However Portsmouth maintained the 'he's happy here' line, but this had a distinctly hollow ring to it.

Newcastle hope to have Redknapp installed in time for him to act during the January transfer window.

Redknapp will become the ninth manager in the eleven years since Kevin Keegan left, which clearly indicates the perils of the job. In that time Arsenal have had two managers, Manchester United one, and Liverpool three which roughly equates to the league positions of the clubs over that time! Newcastle fans can only hope Redknapps arrival heralds a period of stability for a club who make a habit of turmoil and change in a relentess and fruitless pursuit of success.


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