Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Rafa Benitez Latest

Benitez position looking untenable as owners admit Klinsmann contact

Rafael Benitez's position at Anfield was looking ever more untenable last night, as Liverpool's American owners admitted to meeting Jurgen Klinsmann, with a view to him taking over at Anfield.

Trying to portray it as an act of insurance, in case Benitez left, this latest revelation further undermines Liverpool's beleaguered manager. Benitez has no intention of resigning at Liverpool, however his only hope of surviving beyond the summer would appear to be if the Americans quit first and sell up to the now circling DIC group.

It all must be so frustrating for Liverpool fans as a season that started so brightly, has unravelled so quickly and is in danger of ending in farce. Despite only being beaten twice, Liverpool are way off the pace in the Premier League and all the uncertainty surrounding the manager is clearly affecting performances and results.

It's hard to see this being resolved without a parting of the ways, the only question being who goes first! Footy Focus thinks the Americans might just be the first to go!


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