Thursday, January 31, 2008

Moyes - Everton to finish fourth

Moyes confident the Toffees will stick in fourth

A bullish David Moyes is confident Everton can stay where they are, and finish in fourth place in the Premier League. Speaking after the goaless draw against Tottenham Moyes was happy to back his Everton team against any of the chasing pack.

He added “But in the same breath, Aston Villa are a strong team this year, Manchester City have done exceptionally well and Portsmouth, Blackburn and West Ham can do it. If we can make fourth it would be outstanding, but I don’t think there’s any point in me talking about that until a month to go in the season if we are still there." While neighbours Liverpool are weighed down by the millstone of expectation (and so they should given their resources compared to the teams around them) Moyes is happy to keep working quietly away, as Everton have steadily climbed the table.

A fourth placed finish would be a truly outstanding achievement, but the gut feel of Footy Focus is that Liverpool will get it. They have too many good players and despite it all, a good manager to continue in their present wretched form. Liverpool have the second best defensive record, and have still only been beaten three times this season, which can only be bettered by Arsenal. There's a great team in there trying to get out, and we think they will have that bit too much quality to be overtaken for fourth.


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