Thursday, January 17, 2008

Premier League - Drogba to Barca?

Drogba wishing for a Barcelona move

Didier Drogba has been talking up a move to Barcelona, again hinting bigtime at a move away from the Premier League and Chelsea. This time he's been waxing lyrical about Samuel Eto'o. According to The Sun's report on his interview in France Football, Drogba states "If any striker in the world were offered the chance to play next to Samuel, he'd tell you that would be inspirational". Over in the Daily Star they reckon Drogba is "pleading" and "begging" for a Nou Camp move.

Theres been so much speculation since he's announced his desire for a move, but this Barca rumour seems to have more substance than most. Looks like a summer exit from Chelsea and the Premier League for Drogba.


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