Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Premier League News - Mascherano deal close

Americans Back Benitez with funds for Mascherano

The Liverpool Daily Post is reporting that Javier Mascherano is 'finally poised' to make his stay at Liverpool permanent, which will delight all Liverpool fans, though they will remain on tenterhooks until it is actually signed, sealed and delivered.

The determination of Hicks and Gillett to win back the trust of the Liverpool fans has begun, with this immediate attempt to close the Mascherano transfer, now the refinancing has been settled, and more importantly the sale of Momo Sissoko is complete. However its' not likely in itself to pacify Liverpool fans, who are angry at the pair for going back on their word and loading the club with debt and massive interest payments.

Mascherano is truly an outstanding player and will hopefully become and a major part of the team for many years to come. Footy focus suspects the yanks have recognised any incoming manager would want him, so the funding of this transfer could well be a simple business decision on their part, rather than any real backing of Rafa Benitez.


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