Monday, January 14, 2008

Liverpool in Turmoil

Once a by-word for stability Liverpool's season is rapidly becoming a farce

The wheels have come off big-time on Liverpool's season, and for a club of Liverpool's traditions it must be heart-breaking for the fans.

Sami Hyppia has compared them to Newcastle, which we reckon is a message from the players to the club to get it sorted and quick. All the uncertainty surrounding the manager, is clearly affecting the team and it's performances. Liverpool are a top four side, but playing with all the panache and confidence of managerless Newcastle.

Whats desperately missing is clear leadership from the American owners. They're struggling to refinance their debt, there are rumours of DIC returning to bid for the club again, and the constant speculation around Rafael Benitez has led to unprecedented headlines for a Liverpool manager. Can you ever recall a Liverpool manager having 'dead man walking' headlines. The nearest was the Gerard Houllier, Martin O'Neill saga, which as it turned out was all in Gerard's head. Liverpool desperately need to get back to the long term stability which has characterised their approach to running the club over the years.

The odds on Liverpool rescuing their season must be against them now. There has been too much speculation regarding Rafael Benitez for that to be repaired and the players know it. They are playing like they are subconsciously waiting for the next manager. However loyal they are to Rafa they can't help looking past him, given all the speculation.

It all must be desperately depressing for the likes of Carragher and Gerrard, who are entering the autumn of their careers and have devoted themselves to their beloved Liverpool.


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