Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Premier League Transfer Speculation & Rumours

The latest big-money Premier League transfer speculation
The wanderlust Nicholas Anelka now seems certain to move to Chelsea for a fee in the region of 10 million. Good move for Chelsea but I'm not so sure he'll get the games he wants when Drogba is back fit.

Other speculation and rumour sees Xabi Alonso going to Real Madrid in exchange for Julio Baptista and Gabriel Heinze. Bit of a wild one this - Rafa Benitez is far too canny to sell Alonso, though I can see him going for Heinze again.

Other speculation has it that Jermaine Defoe is a target for Portsmouth, Aston Villa, Chelsea and Manchester City. Given the amount of time he spends on the bench this one is entirely predictable and feasible. He'll be a great buy for whoever gets him - he is one of the few players around with a consistent strike rate.

Steven Taylor, the talented Newcastle centre-half is again the subject of much rumour about his future. This time West Ham are apparently watching his contract situation. This together with the reported interest from Arsenal and Liverpool would suggest a move is likely sometime soon.


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