Thursday, January 17, 2008

Liverpool - Carragher yearns for old ways

Carragher desperate for turmoil to end as he hits the 500 mark

As Jamie Carragher reflected on his milestone of 500 games for Liverpool against Luton Town, he reflected on the recent unprecedented instability affecting his beloved Livepool.

"It's not the way we have done things in the past. You want the Liverpool Way to continue because we have to pull together and focus on what we have going for us at the moment, such as the FA Cup and the Champions League." Reports the Guardian. Coming hard on the heels of similar comments by Sami Hyppia, its clear the players want all speculation surrounding the manager to end.

A desperate omission in that statement is the Premier League, and Carragher recognises the futility of saying Liverpool are still in the race for the Premier League. Typically, Carragher does not use the recent instability at the club as an excuse, or the oft quoted refrain from his manager, that more money is needed. He cites Arsenal as an example of what can be achieved on limited resources and in typical Carragher style says Liverpool simply have to get on with it.

Jamie Carragher shows loyalty is still there in modern football, and that 'football men' do still exist amongst the showy, material, big ego's of present day footballers. Mr Carragher Foot Focus salutes you!


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