Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Riise ready to quit Liverpool

Riise frustrated at time on the bench, warns he may move on

John Arne Riise has warned Liverpool he is growing increasingly frustrated at warming the Anfield bench.

In a statement that will add to the growing speculation that he will move on in the summer, he stated "I am not happy with the situation. I am used to playing in 80 per cent of all the games, but if I don't get to play as much as I want to I have to make a choice this summer as to whether I should stay or not. Maybe he [Benitez] will offer me a new contract, maybe not. It's frustrating not knowing if you are going to play the next game or not."

Riise has long been the subject of speculation that he will be moved on, but this time it appears to be for real. With no contract offer on the table, and an increasing amount of time on the bench, it appears his Liverpool career maybe drawing to a close.

Footy Focus thinks he should bide his time - Aurelio is never more than a game away from another injury, and Steve Finnan is becoming injury prone with age! He should stick around a bit longer!!


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