Thursday, March 6, 2008

DIC Takeover - Liverpool fans urges Hicks & Gillett to sell

Liverpool fans stage half-time 'sit in' and send message across the Atlantic
Liverpool's fans staged a half-time 'sit in' during their Premier League 4-0 victory against West Ham and made a barrage of noise against Liverpool's American owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett. "Liverpool Football Club is in the wrong hands," fans sang while banners where unfurled that read read "Take ya bounty and get out of our club" and "Dubai SOS. Yank Out." Fans are upset that Hicks and Gillett, who bought the club in March, have saddled the club with debt and large interest payments, after denying they would do so, have failed to progress building a new stadium and sought to replace popular manager Rafa Benitez in a covert meeting with Jurgen Klinsmann.
There's no denying that this protest is exactly what DIC has sought to instigate, with its briefings and public comments to the media. Rather than this story coming to a rapid conclusion, it is only the beginning in an end-game DIC will hope see them gain full control of Liverpool. DIC are now seeking Gillett's share, while hoping to force Hicks into also selling via fan pressure. They are clearly seeking to exploit the fan's distaste for the Americans by increasing the protests against them, to the point where their position becomes untenable.
Hicks has repeatedly said he wants to keep is stake in the club, while Gillett has signaled a willingness to sell. However, Hicks has said he can block Gillett from selling. Also it is widely being reported that despite the public stance Hicks is continuing to talk to DIC. DIC clearly think they have a good chance of wresting control of Liverpool from Hicks and Gillett and are upping the ante' in their attempt to do so. Reports are now surfacing of an increased offer to Gillett, that would allow him to walk away with 80 million pound profit. Gillett is disputing this and puts the figure at 40 million.
This whole sorry, tawdry tale has some time to run yet and who knows the eventual outcome. As a Liverpool fan I only wish for a rich owner and stability!


Anonymous said...


They don't care about the Club,
They don't care about the Fans,
Liverpool Football Club is in the wrong hands.

G&H out now..,

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