Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Manchester United vs Liverpool - let battle commence!

Old Trafford and wily old Fergie await a rejuvenated Liverpool

Rafael Benitez sends his rejuvenated Liverpool team into battle on Sunday out of the title race, but about to become embroiled in a seven game streak that will define their season, and which Benitez argues, represents the toughest test of his career so far at Anfield.

Liverpool have Manchester United next, Chelsea, bitter rivals and neighbours Everton and would you believe it three games against Arsenal, in the Premier League and Champions League.

Liverpool's season is following a familiar frustrating pattern for Benitez and Liverpool's fans. Benitez tinkers with the team on a daily basis until he hits on a winning formula, which he then sticks to. Problem is, by then in the Premier League the opposition are usually out of sight. In 2005/06 it took Benitez 9 games to get it right and from then on in he largely stuck with the same lineup, Liverpool went on a superb run, but after winning only 3 of the first 8, they were too far behind to make a meaningful challenge.

Now, as then he has found his line-up far far too late. Liverpool have all season defended superbly and are now scoring goals too, but they are so far off the pace, they are in a scrap for fourth not first. Moreover Torres and Gerrard may convince as an attacking force, but Kuyt is clearly not upto scratch, while Babel improving as he maybe, is still not showing the true class hoped for.

Manchester United meanwhile are now starting to emerge as the decisive Premier League leaders. A win against Bolton tonight will give them a clear lead, with only eight games to go. Arsenal are starting to stutter, having drawn a string of games, and just maybe are starting to fade (maybe tinkerman Benitez has a point!). If Manchester United come out of Easter with two wins against Bolton and Liverpool, they will start to feel the title is in reach.

Footy Focus prediction - we have a gut feel Liverpool will get something from Old Trafford though we're not sure what!


Anonymous said...

MU vs. LP gonna be full of excitement n fun.A truly memorable moment. I came across a few more memorable moments in English soccer history at

I enjoyed reading the piece.

Darren said...

You've put that Liverpool have to play Chelsea, they don't :)

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