Saturday, March 15, 2008

Champions League Draw - Fixed or freak coincidence?

Claims the Champions League draw was fixed as it appears on the internet over an hour before

UEFA was having to fend off potentially sensational claims that the Champions League draw was fixed yesterday. The draw was made at 12.oopm in Nyon, Switzerland, however it had already appeared on a Liverpool website at 10.28am that morning.

A football forum for the Liverpool Echo (the local tabloid for Liverpool) and owned by Trinity Newspapers, recieved a post at 10.28am from someone called 'confused', which claimed to have heard a rumour on what the draw would be, accurately predicted the English clubs ties, and claimed bookmakers had stopped taking bets on the draw.

UEFA spokesman William Gallard said: "He must have supernatural powers. I know the people who did the draw and I am 150% certain it is completely honest. You might be able to fool a computer but everyone can see the teams are picked out fairly this way."

The odds of predicting the ties like this are apparently 191/1, so all in all it is a really, really freaky coincidence, or one for the conspiracy theorists to dine out on for years to come. Really we don't think there's anything in it, I mean you'll be telling us Diana was bumped off by the House of Windsor next!


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