Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Champions League Draw Fix - More Intrigue

More mystery as a post turns up on Yahoo answers predicting the draw

The Champions League draw fix mystery took a further turn last night, with the forum where the prediction was orginally made, pointing out that on Yahoo answers someone claimed to have been told that the English clubs would avoid each other except one of them would get Liverpool. Read the post here: Yahoo answers Champions League draw

The original post that started the mystery can be found here at: Liverpool Echo forum

It's strange that the FA, and the clubs themselves have been silent on the affair. Even UEFA have only made one comment from a fairly low ranking individual. They obviously don't want to give the story any currency by making comment. But the lack of comments equally raises questions, especially as it's more a wall of silence than anything else!

It all sounds so incredulous, yet the evidence is actually quite compelling. Also given that the fixing of matches is hardly unknown, it is not beyond the realms of fantasy that it was fixed. Given the huge amounts of money involved, the Asian betting syndicates, the Russian mafia, and the preponderance of brown envelopes undoubtedly still being passed between sheepskin jacket clad men, it's no wonder people are suspicous!

Footy Focus view - it stinks!!


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