Tuesday, March 4, 2008

DIC Liverpool takeover - midnight deadline or its off

DIC tell Hicks and Gillett its midnight or your dreaming

The battle to gain control of Liverpool is rapidly reaching a climax, with DIC telling Tom Hicks and George Gillett they have until midnight to accept their offer of 400 million or they will walk away.

DIC also upped the ante in their rhetoric, with Al Ansari accusing the American duo of being in dreamland in their valuation of the club. Reports are that they are increasingly bemused by the billion pound valuation of Liverpool, given that they paid little over 171 million for just over a year ago.

Our view is that this can't come to conclusion soon enough with hopefully DIC being the winners. That isn't anti-Americanism as some people have commented on this site. It's simply that DIC appear to have more investment clout than Hicks and Gillett. All Liverpool fans want is an investor to take the club forward, provide stability and enable them to compete with Europes best. DIC clearly seem the best placed of the two parties to do this.


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