Friday, March 7, 2008

DIC to buy Gillett Liverpool share

DIC in for the kill as Gillett ready to sell and Hicks stands aside

George Gillett and DIC are moving ever closer to a deal for DIC to purchase his 50% stake in Liverpool. In dramatic developments, Tom Hicks has contacted DIC to inform them he will not stand in the way of the deal and has committed to undertake further discussions with DIC on the future of the club.

DIC are now increasingly confident that a deal will be done that will allow them full control of Liverpool in the near future, and events do now seem to be gathering rapid momentum towards a full DIC takeover. DIC had such faith a deal will be done, they dispatched a representative to Liverpool for the game against West Ham on Wednesday, to talk with fans groups regarding the future direction of the club.

These latest events will delight Liverpool fans who have rapidly lost all faith in the clubs American owners, after the covert meetings with Jurgen Klinsmann, the relatively low net transfer spending, and the loading of the club with debt after originally denying this would happen. Maybe the angry reception Tom Hicks Jnr recieved in the Sandon Pub and the fans protests have convinced them to abandon their investment with the tidy profit promised by DIC? Either way, DIC going public with comments on the discussions to date was a clear tactic to stir up more anti-Hicks and Gillett feeling, by giving the fans the possibility of DIC coming to the rescue.

It's a season of turmoil at Liverpool and a number of figures at the club now face very uncertain future. Rafael Benitez is by no means certain to stay in his job if DIC takeover. DIC are reportedly as unconvinced by the teams results as the Americans have been after another season of underachievement, and Jose Mourinho is looming large as an unemployed proven successor. Rick Parry must also now be wondering if he will be at his beloved Liverpool next season. He reportedly understands he may well be moved on if DIC take control, but would reluctantly do so providing the club are in good hands, and he does not consider Hicks and Gillett to any longer be the ones to take the club forward.

David Moores will also most likely be a victim of the boardroom power struggle regardless of wins. If Hicks gains full control, he is unlikely to survive given the soured relationship, and if DIC move in, they have already signalled their intention to bring in their own team


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