Friday, March 28, 2008

George Gillett - relationship with Tom Hicks 'untenable'

Gillett claims death threats and relationship with Hick untenable

George Gillett speaking on a radio station in Canada, has claimed he has been recieving death threats from Liverpool fans. He also claimed his partnership with Tom Hicks has completely broken down.

He said: “We get as many as 2,000 emails a week. I would say 95% of them have been directed at some of the comments made by my partner and 5% aimed at both of us, ’Go home Americans’." He added: “The fans don’t want him to have even one share of my stake in the club, based on what they are sending to me. As a result of that we have received many phone calls in the middle of the night threatening our lives - death threats.”

Given that both Benitez and Houllier have recieved equally distasteful remarks, painted at the clubs training ground, due to results floundering, we are not surprised the Americans are getting nasty phonecalls. The whole episode is a mess really and can't come to a conclusion quick enough for either the Americans, the fans and staff of Liverpool FC.


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