Friday, February 8, 2008

Premier League to play matches abroad

Fans aghast as Premier League proposes playing matches abroad

Fans, players and many managers alike reacted with dismay, surprise and disgust at the announcement the Premier League plans to play a '39th' round of matches at varying locations around the globe, while media analysts said Premier League clubs could share as much as £100 million from playing a round of fixtures overseas. The sale of the extra television rights to domestic and global broadcasters would generate huge amounts of additional revenue and the plan is expected to be welcomed by sponsors of the clubs of whom many are multinationals aiming for a global audience.

Other commentators have said there is cause to believe the Premier League will make much more than the 100 million being touted. The 10 extra games would be sold separately possibly pitting ITV and the BBC against each other. Paul Zwillenberg, a media specialist with OC&C, is quoted in the Times as saying “It’s a brilliant move commercially because of the importance so many international broadcasters attach to Premier League games.”

Its clearly an inevitable but very sad consequence of the 'global game', however it remains to be seen whether FIFA or UEFA will even consider such a radical plan.


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