Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Dirk Kuyt to Newcastle?

King Kev sets his sights on Dirk Kuyt in the summer

Reports are being bandied around of Kevin Keegan setting his sights on tempting Dirk Kuyt to join his revolution at Newcastle, with a 5 million pound fee being mooted. Its being speculated Liverpool will see this as a decent return on the 9 million they paid, given that the player has struggled to make an impression.

Footy Focus thinks Kuyt is a decent player, but completely lacks pace. He could get away with it playing in the hole, if he is surrounded by other players with pace, but at Liverpool he's not. When it comes to it, the yard-stick for Liverpool and others is whether he would get in the Arsenal, Manchester United or Chelsea teams, and the answer to that is clearly no.


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