Sunday, February 24, 2008

Liverpool: Alonso going nowhere

Liverpool say Alonso going nowhere as the rumours continue

Rafael Benitez has reiterated that cultured midfielder Xabi Alonso will not be sold under any circumstances. Moreover the Liverpool manager made a point of meeting Alonso's agent to emphasise this when he was at Anfield for the Inter Milan game.

A number of Spanish clubs have been linked with the Liverpool playmaker including Barcelona and Athletico Madrid, with rumours of the players reportedly fractured relationship with Benitez continuing to find their way into the papers.

Benitez has sought to play down such talk, pointing to the fact that players often don't like the manager when they don't play!

It seems to us that this is like the dreaded vote of confidence. You can be surer of no other thing that when a manager says a player will never be sold, he promptly will be. There's been to many briefings too the media on Alonso moving, and Liverpool already seem to have lined up his replacement in Diarra. It will be a sad loss to Liverpool when he goes, and we are at a loss to see why he isn't in the team. Then again Benitez and his rotations are beyond most people!


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