Sunday, February 24, 2008

Barcelona not giving up catching Madrid

Barcelona boss Rijkaard not giving up catching Real Madrid in the race for the Spanish League

Barcelona coach Frank Rijkaard has commented on his sides fight for the title in Spain, insisting he is not worried about Real Madrid, and does not pay them any special attention. Instead he insists his focus is on what Barcelona do.

He said: "Real Madrid is the first on the table because it has so far performed better, they're the team that leads the Liga and that is not easy, because the goal of all teams is to beat them. But we're not giving up anything. I'm not watching what Real Madrid do in their games. We only worry about ourselves. The other stuff is for the press to write about."

Barcelona seem to slipping into gear at just the right time, as we enter the business end of the season. They looked sensational in Glasgow against Celtic, despite conceding two goals.

Footy focus can see signs of it not being all over for Barcelona in the race for the Spanish title. Real Madrid are showing signs of stuttering, while Barcelona are looking better by the week.


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