Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Barcelona: Eto'o backs Rijkaard

Eto'o gives under pressure Rijkaard his backing as the Parkhead hothouse looms

Samuel Eto'o gave beleagured Barcelona boss Frank Rijkaard a major boost today ahead of their UEFA Champions League game with Celtic, by giving him his unqualified backing, and dismissing the dutchman's critics. In an outburst against the media frenzy to replace Barcelona's manager, Eto'o derided those calling for his head;

"It's a total lack of respect and I find it incomprehensible that people should be questioning Frank Rijkaard, particularly at this stage of the season," argued Eto'o. "Rijkaard came to this club when they were in the middle of a long spell without trophies and Barca suddenly went on to win practically everything. Now we'll go back to winning practically everything again if people just let him and us get on with our work".

This is a major rebuff in particular to Johan Cruyff, who has been talking up the qualities of Rijkaard's supposed successor, Marco Van Basten. Rijkaard is banned from the touchline for the Champions League game against Celtic


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