Sunday, February 17, 2008

Liverpool closer to DIC takeover

Hicks softening to DIC Liverpool bid, as Gillett is expected to be first to go

Reports are being leaked to the media by one of the camps fighting over Liverpool, that Tom Hicks is now softening towards a takeover of Liverpool by DIC. The News of the World is reporting that the Americans will profit by 50 million pounds, when the deal is finally done, with Gillett the first one to be bought out. Liverpool are now valued at 400 million, with 350 million worth of debt, giving Hicks and Gillett their 50 million profit.

It will be a long and slow road however, with a nightmare scenario mooted of Hicks buying out Gillett, and assuming sole control. DIC however, are seeking a swift closing of the deal, but Hicks remains the major obstacle to completion of their takeover of Liverpool.

Interestingly, Chris Bascombe, in what must be more leaked briefings to the media, states Benitez and Hicks have now formed an unlikely alliance. Not sure what this all means, but clearly DIC are closing in and the instability surrounding Liverpool will be around for the rest of the season at least. Also given results, regardless of who owns Liverpool, Rafa Benitez must be odds on to be removed at the end of the season.


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