Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Benjani completes deal to Manchester City

Benjani finally completes his move to Manchester City in a restructured deal

Nearly a week after the transfer window closed, Benjani will complete his move to Manchester City from Porsmouth today. Both clubs have resolved the issues surrounding the transfer and reached agreement over a restructured deal and £7.6 million fee.

Benjani is the third highest scorer in the Premier League this season, and had been left in a state of flux, as the transfer deadline passed on Thursday. Manchester City had been trying to pull out of the original deal after a previously unknown knee injury came to light during his medical examination. However with the Premier league's encouragement, they moved to renegotiate the agreement with Portsmouth and will finalise the signing today. It is understood they will make a smaller down-payment and a larger proportion of the fee will depend on the number of appearances he makes for Manchester City.


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