Friday, February 15, 2008

Liverpool: Alonso's time to deliver

Alonso determined to make up for lost time at Liverpool

Xabi Alonso, hoping for a rare first team start for Liverpool against Barnsley in the fifth round of the FA Cup, is desperate to make up for lost time in a season wrecked by injury.

Alonso has only started 13 games so far and has seen Gerrard and Mascherano, plus the emergence of Lucas, make his task in winning back his central midfield role for Liverpool all the harder. However there's little doubt the cultured midfielder has been sorely missed and there's little doubt that Liverpool's three best midfielders are Alonso, Mascherano and Gerrard.

There have been many times recently, as Liverpool have drawn game after game, that Liverpool have been crying out for someone to vary the range of passing or tempo of the game. Alonso, with one pass, can instantly put teams under pressure and create a threatening situation. That kind of creativity is something Liverpool have clearly lacked.

There seems to be rumblings of Alonso leaving in the summer, which would be a huge loss for Liverpool. If Benitez doesn't rate him for the first team anymore, it's another of his illogical moves, that have left may fans completely non-plussed. We had a team that came third in the Premier league, with our highest ever points total, and two key figures were Alonso and Crouch. Simple question - how on earth can they be on the bench with speculation that they are leaving?????!!!!!!!!


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