Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wayne Rooney: goals will come with a partner

Wayne Rooney's goals will come if he gets some forward help

Wayne Rooney Manchester United Wayne Rooney goals will flow if Sir Alex fixes the errors of his ways, by buying Berbatov.

Sir Alex Ferguson has been remarkably confessional in the build-up to this season. Maybe his age is showing, but he admitted to Sir David Frost that it had been a mistake to sell Jaap Stam to Lazio in 2001 and then later, during the club's tour of South Africa, he conceded that errors had been made in his deployment of Wayne Rooney.

Pity no one asked him about his decision, two summers ago, to sell Ruud van Nistelrooy to Real Madrid. Was that a mistake too?

Ferguson may never say it was but he appears to regret letting the prolific Dutchman go. Why else would he be pursuing Dimitar Berbatov with such vigour? Upon signing him - and United are confident they can do so this week for about £25m - the Bulgarian will be expected to provide everything Van Nistelrooy once did - an outlet for the side's dynamic and willing runners, a target for those able to play a raking pass from deep, and of course goals. Despite his current lack of "focus", a record of 46 goals in two seasons proves the 27-year-old Bulgarian is more than capable of supplying those.

Oh how Wayne Rooney will be glad of a good old fashioned strike partner. He must have been willing Manchester United to buy anybody to play off this summer, rather than plough the lone furrow up-front again. Peter Crouch, Dean Ashton, Emile Heskey............alright, Emile is stretching it a bit, but I'll bet he'd have been happy with Peter Crouch!

Wayne Rooney should enjoy his football and his goals, much more this season, now it appears certain Berbatov is on his way. Footy Focus online has never been convinced that Wayne Rooney will get goals while playing upfront alone, and Man U's rivals will be sorry its about to end!


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