Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Latest Football: Terry sees Man U Downturn

Latest Football: Terry sees a Man U downturn coming

John Terry ChelseaIn the latest football pre-Premier League mind games, John Terry of Chelsea has in an unoriginal reply predicted the downfall of Man U, repeating essentially what Sir Alex said of Chelsea a few days ago.

Echoing Sir Alex Ferguson in the latest football mind-game attempt, he says Manchester United don't have another level to go to, forgetting the fact that they don't have to, Chelsea and all the others do. Harsh fact of life Mr Terry is that if Manchester United repeat last years form and results, it ain't gonna be Chelsea who are Champions.

"Rio Ferdinand has been awesome for the last two years and Cristiano Ronaldo was unbelievable - I don't think you'll see that again," Terry said.

Personally, we at Footy Focus think we will and we are Liverpool fans! Ferdinand is at last maturing on and off the pitch, and it has to be said he is a truly outstanding defender. As for Ronaldo, maybe he won't get 40 goals again, but if United get another striker as they are trying for, he won't have to. Wayne Rooney is also likely to chip in with more goals, as Ferguson has recognised they sacrificed him for the team last year. Also Nani and Anderson et al now have a years experience in the Premier League. Latest Football wisdom to us Mr Terry is that you'll be more than likely trailing in their wake again!


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