Thursday, August 14, 2008

Football Transfer News

Football Transfer News: Arsenal to sign Johnson to replace Flamini

The latest football transfer news has it that Arsenal and Arsene Wenger may make a surprise move for Man City's Michael Johnson.

This would be a surprise transfer, as Wenger clearly needs experience, not another talented but young star. He only has 33 Premiership games to his name, so though accustomed to the Premier League, he can hardly be called experienced at that level of football. The thing that may also be attracting Arsenal, if there is substance to this, is the fact that he's English. The row between UEFA, FIFA and the EU etc is making football clubs consider English players for transfer more and more. It certainly played a part in Benitez and his thinking over Gareth Barry.

The transfer out of Flamini and Hleb will be a huge burden for Arsenal, but if anyone can get round this it's Wenger. Johnson is an undoubted talent, and will surely play for a big four club one day, but this transfer would be one of the surprise moves of the summer.

The Footy Focus team reckons this football transfer news is more speculation than anything of substance. Arsenal certainly need reinforcing, but is Johnson really what they are after. We think not!


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