Saturday, August 16, 2008

Football Liverpool: Alonso asks to leave

Football Liverpool: Alonso asks to leave as Anfield's dirty washing goes public

Xabi Alonso LiverpoolIn the latest development in the ongoing transfer sagas at Anfield, Xabi Alonso has asked to leave Liverpool, reportedly requesting to be sold to AC Milan or Arsenal, fearing his football will be limited if he stays at Liverpool.

The continual wrangling amongst the Liverpool management team is set to plunge their football season into turmoil before it has even begun. The Parry Benitez relationship is clearly becoming untenable, with something going to have to give sooner or later, and from the demeanour of Benitez, he clearly doesn't believe it will be him.

Xabi Alonso asking to leave Liverpool is only the latest twist to a sorry football saga that has gone on since April, and one that has left two top quality footballers at clubs they'd rather leave. Throughout it all Benitez appears a remarkably calm football manager, and ever confident he will get his man in Gareth Barry.

It has to be said though, 18 & 16 million for either footballer is too expensive. A good 3 million of the price for each would be a much more reasonable deal, and you can see how Benitez is getting exasperated with Rick Parry - refusing to pay 18 million for the player above Carrick and Hargreaves in the England midfield, and demanding a similar fee for the player the club wants Barry to replace!

Liverpool's fans will be concerned that all the boardroom wrangling that seemed to have settled, has again burst to the surface threatening to derail not just the football season, but Liverpool Football club itself.


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