Friday, August 15, 2008

Benitez set to leave

Benitez set to leave as Rafa reopens old wounds?

Rafa Benitez could well again be on the brink of leaving Liverpool after laying the blame for the Gareth Barry/ Xabi Alonso fiasco squarely at the door of Rick Parry.

Speaking at a press conference ahead of the Sunderland game, a clearly Benitez exasperated Benitez stated he has had no involvement with any talks on either player since April. It was noted however that he softened his tone, saying the talks between the clubs had been 'good'.

Benitez is clearly not happy again with Rick Parry, who he has blamed in the past for scuppering a number of deals at the last minute. Whether this incurs the wrath of the American owners, after last seasons near fatal outburst remains to be seen, with the difference this time being that his target is clearly Rick Parry.

We can only hope (being Liverpool fans!), that Rafa Benitez is not set to leave Liverpool and that it all somehow settles down. It must be said however that Liverpool's season again seems set to be one of boardroom turmoil!


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