Thursday, August 14, 2008

Football Rumours

Football Rumours: Alonso to AC Milan

Xabi Alonso LiverpoolLatest football rumours to hit the streets are that Xabi Alonso is a target for AC Milan, who are poised to offer 15 million for his services. Having said that we are not actually sure this rumour is worth repeating - we picked it up on FansFC which has a decidedly dodgy reputation on

Anyway we think it's a long shot to say the least. Alonso's immediate value has gone down, now he's played in the Champions League. Seems to us Benitez is resigned to biding his time until January. Barry will be 30+ by the time he arrives!

Also we note the rumour of Joe Cole to Liverpool has disappeared as quick as it arrived. The clubs mouthpiece the Liverpool Echo has neither denied or confirmed the transfer rumour, so there maybe something in it yet, but we think not.

Football rumours are swirling bigtime at this time of year, but these two latest football rumours we would bet our house on as not going to happen.


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