Monday, June 30, 2008

UEFA 2008: Torres and Spain sink Germany

Fernando Torres sinks Germany as Spain take UEFA 2008
Fernando Torres Spain Liverpool

Fernando Torres struck his second goal of the tournament to down Germany and take Spain to the 2008 UEFA Championship.

Spain have at last fulfilled their potential at a major tournament, and with the squad they have at present, it's about time too! With players like Alonso, Reina and Fabgregas in reserve, and Silva, Torres, Xavi, and Villa as first choice they simply proved too much for their rivals.

There's times when countries come of age in a footballing sense, and you can see it's Spain's time now. They really have some of the worlds best players throughout their squad. From Villa, Torres, Inesta, Xavi, Castillas, and Fabgregas etc they possess players of superb ability. And we must be thankful that a team that plays such fluid, nimble football, and is not packed with brawn won the trophy. Spain have one of the smallest midfields in the tournament, but brain won out over brawn!

Torres and Spain came to the fore this tournament, with superb displays of passing, fluid, and great to watch football. Germany and the others never had a chance!


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Neil said...

Good on spain, im glad the Germans didnt win!

Tote Football Pro said...

And now the new FIFA world rankings have been published, Spain are officially the best team in the world.

Well deserved in my opinion. A great team with wonderful players, all humble, and worthy champions.

Bring on the world cup. Can't wait to see them against Brazil and Argentina!

Tom said...

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