Saturday, June 7, 2008

Football News: Real want Ronaldo to strike

End-game becomes a farce as Real Madrid urge Ronaldo to go on strike

Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester UnitedThe Sun and Tribal Football are reporting that Real Madrid are urging Ronaldo to go on strike, to force Manchester United's hand over Ronaldo's proposed transfer.

Real Madrid president, Calderon is being quoted via second hand 'sources' that they want Ronaldo to go on strike at Manchester United until the transfer window closes on 31st August.

It's all becoming very nasty, sad and disappointing really. A lot is just newspapers filling the column inches, but there can be little doubt Real Madrid have turned Ronaldo's head, and both are now trying to engineer a move.

As we've said before, wouldn't it be great if just for once a club stood up to a player and let him either stick to his contract or as Ferguson put it, 'rot in the stands'. It would be fascinating if the Glazers and Manchester United really did refuse to buckle to Real Madrid and Ronaldo.

Whether Ronaldo moves to Real Madrid or not, its once again showing the money driven, dark side of football. We can only hope Manchester United back up their words with action. More power to their elbow we say!!


Derek said...

I follow this blog about Spanish Football, its a reference! It also does other Spanish sports , but 90% is Soccer

Go Manchester United!

Abayomi said...

I think United should Ronaldo Join Real if thats what he thinks he wants ... there is no point keeping a player who is not interested in playing for the team

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