Friday, June 6, 2008

Ronaldo to Madrid: Looking a shoe-in

The mother of all moves edging closer as Ronaldo admits to wanting move to Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester UnitedCristiano Ronaldo admitted yesterday (albeit on a Brazilian website), that he would like to move to Real Madrid. There was no word from Sir Alex Ferguson, though Manchester United's Chief Executive David Gill stated that "Our position on Ronaldo remains as set out last week," referring to Ferguson's insistence that the club would rather let the player rot in the reserves than do business with a club who, in their eyes, have brazenly flouted transfer rules and etiquette.

It all seems like its building up to be the mother of all transfer stoushes, probably ending in the mother of all transfers, with a world record fee of 78 million pounds securing Ronaldo's move to Madrid.

Manchester United and it's supporters will be hugely disappointed with Ronaldo, who it appears is determined to engineer the move to Madrid after only two outstanding seasons. However given his recent comments it can come as no surprise.

Overall the Premier League will be very interesting next season, and potentially there will not be a better time for a club to break into the top three or four. Arsenal have lost Flamini and Hleb, Chelsea look likely to lose Drogba and possibly Lampard, while Manchester United certainly look like losing 40 goals a season in Ronaldo.


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