Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Football News: Ronaldo to force his way to Madrid?

Ronaldo to do 'all in his power' to move to Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United TruckIn a depressingly familiar tale of player power, reports are emerging that Cristiano Ronaldo is to do 'all in his power' to get his move from Manchester United to Real Madrid.

'Sources' also briefed in the media that Ronaldo considers Real Madrid a bigger club than Manchester United, and that he has never been enthused with life in Manchester.

Given Ronaldo signed a new, improved deal a little over 12 months ago, it all has the familiar depressing ring of contracts not being worth a carrot, as player power rules.

Manchester United will be further enraged that FIFA have cleared Real Madrid of any wrongdoing in their conduct and relentless pursuit of Ronaldo.

It seems the saga is beginning to play out to its inevitable end, and that Ronaldo will move to Madrid after the European Championships, much to the dismay of Manchester United and it's supporters. There is a slim chance the Glazers might do what they say, and stop Ronaldo's Madrid move, and let him 'rot in the stands'. Now that would be fascinating to see!!


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it will be interesting to see whether Fergie and the yanks have the balls to stick him in the reserves instead of letting him leave like it seems he wants to

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