Monday, June 23, 2008

Football News: Ronaldo to Real Madrid

Ronaldo to Real Madrid: Unstoppable momentum grows

Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester UnitedCristiano Ronaldo's move to Real Madrid is gathering inevitable momentum with increasing reports in the media fuelling the circus around his move.

Latest reports have Scolari and Calderon urging him to 'be strong' and that Manchester United 'can't hurt him'! All silly season stuff really, and what's all been seen before as countless others have done what Ronaldo is now doing ie dig his heels in and force Manchester United to sell him to Real Madrid.

It's the sad but inevitable route many transfers take in modern football, and the Ronaldo to Real Madrid saga is no different. Just the money involved is bigger than ever before! Eighty million really is nuts!

Bernd Schuster has come out and said Real Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester UnitedMadrid will do 'whatever it takes' to get Ronaldo from United. That appears to be an eight million transfer fee, and 182 grand a week! The interesting part will be if the Glasers become as relentless as Real Madrid and leave him in the stands. There was an interesting article in the Times the other day, where an employment lawyer basically said that a deal will get done as Real Madrid, Ronaldo and Manchester United will all realise that lawyers will be the only winners if it goes to court.

We at Footy Focus reckon it's a done deal. Ronaldo will move to Real Madrid, and Manchester United will get a stash of cash to replace the forty goals a season! It's a well worn path and Manchester United have time and again been in Real Madrids place. Thats life Fergie!


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