Sunday, April 20, 2008

Liverpool & Peter Crouch - time to split?

Peter Crouch can't stop scoring but can't get into the team

Is there an unluckier player around than Peter Crouch? He scored again yesterday, for the second succesive game, and is likely to be on the bench come Tuesday against Chelsea.

Of all Benitez's signings that don't get a regular game eg Pennant, Benayoun, Voronin etc, Crouch is surely the most puzzling admission. Before he discovered his present system, Benitez was laughably at times playing Kuyt and Voronin together upfront, giving Livepool the most imobile and one-paced front line they'd had in years! Plus you can count the goals they've scored on the fingers of one hand! Crouch's scoring record is generally pretty good.

Whenever he plays, he generally gets goals. He might not be a thirty goal a season man, but he is easily capable of 20, with the same number of assists. Liverpool would clearly be in a better position, if they'd used Crouch more this season - just five more goals from 12 more starts could well have put us 10 more points better off. Not quite title challenging stuff, given Manchester Uniteds form, but we'd have been in the race post Christmas at least!

It now seems certain Peter Crouch will leave Liverpool this summer, as all the media briefings etc are pointing that way. If Crouch does go it will be a shame, and someone else's real gain. Unless we are spending another 20 million on a striker he's worth keeping - there's not many around in the Premiership who can get 20 a season.

Come on Rafa Benitez, see sense, keep Peter Crouch at Liverpool!!


mirada22 said...

I agree with you completely! Peter Crouch is the best striker and he should play and not be on the bench. There is an interesting statistics to be noticed: when Peter plays from the very beginning - if he gets goals or no (and generally he really does) - the squad often wins or has a favourable drawn. When he sits on the bench - the squad loses or has a silly drawn.
I hope that we'll see Peter Crouch on Tuesday with Chelsea - Liverpool reaaly needs his brilliant play!

Marina from Russia

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