Saturday, April 19, 2008

Liverpool Lucky - I don't think so!

Jibes about Liverpool being lucky against Arsenal and Inter Milan just don't ring true

Liverpool FC LogoAs a Liverpool fan I really do take exception to the myopic jibes that say we were lucky to get through against Inter Milan and Chelsea. Critics cite that against Milan, the tie went our way due to the Matterazi sending off and the injury to .

Against Arsenal, they also cite the injury to Flamini as a defining moment, together with the two penalty decisions that went our way.

Well this all may well be true enough but as they say, this all evens out in the end. Liverpool has had equally many things go against them in big games to more than equal out the decisions and events against Arsenal and Milan.

What you ask. Well for a start who remembers Xabi Alono's joke of a yellow card after Eidur Gudjohnsen went down like a sack of spuds in the Champions League of 2005? That kept Alonso out of the second leg. Moreover that came shortly after comeback after three months out, due to a horrendous Frank Lampard tackle on New Years day that broke his ankle. Being deprived of a keep midfielder for three months and for the second leg of a Champions League semi-final? Lucky Liverpool.

What about the penalty this season at Anfield, that was given to Chelsea to enable them to snatch a ill-deserved draw. After being outplayed for most of the game and trailing to a wonderful first goal from Torres, Chelsea were awarded penalty, when Rob Styles was fooled by Malouda's dive. Lucky, lucky Liverpool!

Another piece of luck for Liverpool, was the four month lay-off for Momo Sissoko due to a dislocated shoulder. At the time he was best holding midfielder in the Premier League, but one bad fall at Birmingham in the Carling Cup and Liverpool had to do without a key midfielder for four months. This was repeated when he almost lost an eye against Benfica again depriving Liverpool of his talents for a number of months. We at Footy Focus are glad to see he's won over the Juventus fans, and is now displaying the talent he showed in his first season at Liverpool, before the dreadful injuries he suffered knocked him off course.

More on the bad luck front, has seen Liverpool without Daniel Agger for most of the season, with a broken Metatarsal. Alonso as well has been out for a number of months with this injury.

I'd like to see Arsenal without Gallas, and or Fabregas/ Flamini for most of the season and see where they end up in the Premier League. At least Chelsea are still in the race despite being without Carvalho and Terry for chunks of the season.

I've just thought of another - what about the diabolical free-kick given against Liverpool last season away to Bolton. Pepe Reina came racing out the box, never hand-balled in a million years, yet Bolton were given a free-kick and promptly scored.

Arsene Wenger winds me up when he calls Liverpool lucky!!! Yes maybe we got luck in not conceding a penalty when Kuyt was pulled down, but the other one was a 50/50 call - as much given as not. As for the injury to Flamini, give me break! Thats football Arsene!

Lucky Liverpool - no more than anyone else!!!


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