Monday, April 21, 2008

Arsenal News

Arsenal News: Wenger and the boys getting lampooned big time!

Arsenal News
Quality bit of Arsenal lampoonery. Seen this on a Liverpool forum - its absolutely quality!! No idea what it is but I think its great! Seen it here Hopefully Arsenal fans will laugh at it too in amongst all the bad news surrounding their team!

Not quite Arsenal news in the true sense but a good laugh all the same


Anonymous said...

What bad news surrounding the team?

Lee Greg said...

Well I wouldnt call getting knocked out the champions league and having your title hopes crushed a week of good news!

Football Bet King said...

Doubt Arsenal fans will be laughing, although they do of course play 'beautiful football', so its not really important that they are going to go yet another year without winning anything!

The video is hilarious. Its really mesmerising and i'm not even sure why. Perhaps its Fabregas' face. The same face he always pulls when he's whingeing about this or that thing going against him on the pitch. Yes, i think that's what it is. Brilliant!

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