Saturday, April 5, 2008

Arsenal vs Liverpool: Part 2 Premier League

Its Arsenal vs Liverpool Part 2, in the Premier League

Back to the Emirates we go for Arsenal vs Liverpool, this time in the Premier League. Liverpool find themselves not for the first time, in a game they can afford to lose as they chase European glory and fourth spot in the Premier League.

I find this really frustrating as a Liverpool fan. Oh to be in Arsenals position, fighting for the title and European glory. Yes it's tougher but it's what it's all about - it says it all that this is a bigger game for Arsenal than Liverpool.

Adebayor is likely to feature for the Arsenal despite having an ankle knock. Meanwhile Rafa Benitez is for the first time in a number of games, set to rotate his Liverpool side. Kuyt, Torres, Gerrard and maybe Hyppia are all set to be rested, with the likes of Finnan, Pennant, and Benayoun all pressing for a start. Maybe even Peter Crouch, Liverpool's forgotten man may get a game!

My preferred line-up, given Tuesdays game coming up would be: Reina, Finnan, Skrtel, Hyppia, Riise, Aurelio, Benayoun, Alonso, Lucas, Pennant, Crouch. Benayoun could play the link between midfield and attack, with Aurelio and Pennant the wingers. Radical - yes but a much more balanced teams than what Rafa often serves up.

Footy Focus prediction: I'd love Liverpool to surprise everyone by going out performing well, and winning, but I can't see past Arsenal. Arsenal need it that much more. This is a Saturday lunchtime game. with Arsenal and Liverpool being broadcast around the globe by SKY.


Football Bet King said...

Well you needn't worry anymore, or be jealous of Arsenal, because they were outplayed today, and have just as much chance of winning the title as Liverpool: None!

Without Adebayor Arsenal looked toothless in attack, and their midfield was thoroughly bossed by two 20 year old Liverpool players, one of them on his debut.

Seeing as this match will effectively become a non event concerning the league, a couple of things are noteworthy re the Cl:
1. Liverpool again conceded from a set piece. Thats 2 in 2 games versus Arsenal. It could be the difference come Tuesday.
2. Despite being a virtual reserve side, Liverpool kept the ball much better than they did on Wednesday. the reason: Peter Crouch. He also scored a fantastic goal. Will he get a look in on Tuesday?

free bets said...

well that game just gave Man utd the title on a plate

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