Monday, April 7, 2008

Liverpool Crouch hints at Exit

Peter Crouch hints at Liverpool exit and doesn't expect to start against Arsenal

Peter Crouch gave the clearest hint yet that he is likely to leave Liverpool in the summer. Talking ahead of the Liverpool vs Arsenal Champions League tie, he admitted that the lack of football this season has led him to consider his future, despite their being an offer on the table from Liverpool.

Crouch said:"It's pretty clear I probably won't start," he said.

"Obviously if the manager plays one up front, he is more than likely to go with Fernando - and rightly so, he's been fantastic this season.

"Before when he was rotating at least I was getting a game here and there. But the manager's obviously stuck with a formation now that seems to be working, and credit to the players that have been playing in that system

"We have certainly been playing well and I think we have got a great chance of going through to the semi-finals now in Europe.

"But for me, I will just have to obviously keep working hard and try and change his mind."

Crouch revealed: "It can be disheartening, but you have to keep going.

"I am one of those players that will keep going, I keep working hard in training, and, if called upon then hopefully I'll do what I did at Arsenal.
"At a big club there is always that pressure. Even if you start every game, if you don't perform, you know you are going to be out.

"But maybe me more so, with the fact that I haven't played that much this season, so, when I do, I have to make sure that I do well and do the business to try and stay in."

We at Footy Focus are at a loss why Crouch has not played more this season. Persisting with the immobile and ineffective Kuyt and Voronin, when Torres was injured or rested beggared belief and cost Liverpool vital points. It would be madness to let Crouch go! He's a 20 goal a season man!!



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