Thursday, November 1, 2007

Premiership Round-up

After the Carling Cup attention turns back to the main game - the Premier League. Theres some massive games this weekend and personally I cant wait. See old Fergie has written off Chelsea and Liverpool. Not sure you can do that just yet but both have some sorting out to do whilst still holding onto the leaders. Chelsea need to settle down to the new manager which may take a while but at the end of the day they have such great players with a great will to win. Liverpool are suffering from too many injuries to key players and Rafa Benitez's dreaded rotations. The Blackburn game is a massive game for them even at this early stage. Lose and they'll be considered out the race in November.

Of the other games away to Boro looks a tough one for Ramos whilst Newcastle vs Portsmouth I think just might provide Big Sam with some more misery. Everton vs Birmingham doesnt exactly promise a mass of entertaining football whilst Derby look set for more misery at Villa.

Bring it on!!


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