Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Goings on at Liverpool

Over at Liverpool there seems to be plenty going on at the moment. Crouch, Riise and Sissoko are the subject of yet more speculation that they are for the axe so Rafa the Gaffer can raise money for Garay and Mascherano. Seems to me at least one will go - my thought is that it is Crouch. He's probably the most expendable - get an injury to Mascherano and Sissokos back in, while Riise is always likely to get a go at full back.

I see Dirk Kuyt has been burgled - yet another one! Number five by all accounts - reckon those Porsches stand out a bit in Liverpool! Seriously though its an appalling state of affairs when players have to consider their personal security so much.

Meanwhile Rafa has dismissed rumours of a Bayern Munich move. I should think so too! He's got higher ambitions than them when/ if he leaves Liverpool. The German league is a poor relation to its English, and Spanish cousins so they have no chance of getting him if only for his own career ambitions.


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