Tuesday, November 20, 2007

England on the brink

Steve McLaren certainly has a few posers to think of before tomorrow night & it says much of Englands form that he has. His first big decision is who to have in goal. Scott Carson is seriously knocking on the door, not least because of the unconvincing form of Paul Robinson. Personally I think he should be big and brave and go for Carson. Robinson has never convinced at the best of times

In midfield he has even more pondering to do. Surely he has to pick one of Barry or Hargreaves. Barry should get the nod - he's looked outstanding in his last few games. Keeps it simple and holds England together very well while shielding the back four. Beckham and Gerrard are musts so that leaves on spot. Reports are coming in of a revolution in tactics for this game - more like have no left sided option so will play 4-1-3-2 with Lampard, Gerrard and Beckham the three. Either way he's got to have some caution and ensure a clean sheet.

Upfront should be more simple - there's not much to choose from! I cant see past Crouch and either a five man midfield with Cole or possibly Darren Bent. This for me is where England could come unstuck. They don't have many options if it goes pear-shaped in the hunt for goals and the longer we don't score the more nervous we'll become and the more confident the Croats will be.

Gut feel - we'll win with a bit to spare!!!


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