Friday, November 16, 2007

January Transfer window rumours

Its that time of year again and there are certainly some interesting rumours filtering through to the papers.

Not surprisingly Michael Owen is being reported as 'unsettled' at Newcastle. Maybe playing for a team that has yet to win a major trophy in 40 years, are showing no signs of recovery under Big Sam and that North East windy weather is making him regret not holding out for that move to Liverpool two years ago. His injury record is so bad none of the big four would touch him now. Also he's suffered from being a bit out of fashion - the tendency is for players with a bit of strength as well as power. These rumours will do nothing to enhance that fragile relationship with the Gallowgate!

Also of interest or boredom depending on your point of view is the Drogba to Madrid line. $29m for a 29 yrd old? Beyond me - hes a great player but seemed to me to let the success get to him. He's had two great seasons in his career and thinks he's the dogs proverbials! I used to think he was the biggest numpty going for 24m and I admit he proved me wrong! Still he's proved time and again with his comments in the papers he has head up his own a***e!

Talking of players who can see where mere mortals cant I see Djbril Cisse is talking up a move away from Marseille. Nothing to do with the fact he's not really done it there or that they are way down Ligue 1? He moans at warming the bench - well if you don't score as a striker thats were you tend to be. I watched him when he was at Liverpool and he was dreadfully unlucky with injury but he was given chance after chance to show he understood the offside rule and could pass to team-mates and he blew it every time!

Lehmann is making noises about leaving. Seems to me Wenger has never been totally convinced by him and frankly no one else has either. Let him go Arsene and get yourself a decent stopper! Staying on the 'Arse I see Fabegras has committed himself to the Gunners - what a surprise. Give it a few bad results and he'll change his tune. He's always seem a of a fair weather player to me (mind you theres plenty of them around!)


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