Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fifa And Uefa have a pop at the Premiership

Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini have being having a pop at the Premiership. Platini has been complaining there is not enough English players or coaches in England's top division. He's quoted as saying: "I don't like the fact that it is too open [in allowing in foreign players]." Well theres' not much love for Mr Platini in England since he's entered football politics. His recent attempt to give the cup-winners a Champions league place bit the dust and before that he had his eye on reducing the number of entrants from England too. I suspect the Premier League clubs will be doing all they can to undermine him given his hare-brained ideas. He neglects to mention what playing in England did for French players that ultimately won the 2000 European Championship and that got to the World Cup Final in 2006. Henry, Pires, Gallas, Petit, and Viera, to name but a few came of age in the Premiership.

That wily old coot Sepp Blatter has also been having a go at the Premiership, claiming its coverage stifles local leagues citing South Africas afternoon coverage of the EPL as a case in point. He admits that there is little he can do. You're damn right Sepp. This is the world we live in - you can watch what you want, when you want all over the world. If he thinks its bad now wait 5 years until we are all watching internet TV via super-fast broadband!! Leagues around the world will just have to adapt cause nothing is stopping the telecommunication juggernaut!!


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