Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gareth Barry to Liverpool

Reports coming in of a deal done for Gareth Barry to move to Liverpool

Gareth Barry Aston Villa LiverpoolAt long, long, last it appears the Gareth Barry move to Liverpool has happened. Reports are surfacing of Villa recieving 17.5 million plus Steve Finnan for Barry.

Rafael Benitez and all Liverpool fans will be pleased the longest running transfer saga of the summer will now be over. It certainly looks like a combination of Alonso, Pennant, and Voronin have played their last game in the red shirt of Liverpool. Personally I am disappointed in Pennant and that he must go. The guy has simply never fulfilled his promise, though he is still only 24.

Benitez I think is looking at Barry for his versatility and intelligence, plus he is better as a holding midfielder than Alonso, given the absence of Mascherano for a month. Given the price of Barry, Keane and Doessena, Liverpool's indispensables each week are starting to look like: Reina, Arbeloa, Carragher, Agger, Doessena, Barry, Mascherano, Gerrard, Keane, and Torres. That leaves the likes of Skrtel, Babel, Benayoun, and Kuyt all fighting over one spot. Liverpool are certainly going to be very strong this year, but maybe just not quite!

Gareth Barry to Liverpool has proved to be the long yawn of the summer, and it's instructive how Liverpool have struggled to raise the fee. A sign of the credit crunch and Liverpool's parlous finances perhaps? Martin O'Neill will be glad Barry has finally moved to Liverpool, and he can get on with Villa's season!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pennant to Blackburn

Jermaine Pennant is wanted by Blackburn & Paul Ince

Jermaine Pennant LiverpoolPaul Ince is set to target the Anfield winger Jermaine Pennant as a replacement for the about to depart David Bentley, who is on the verge of joining Tottenham.

Blackburn officials have sounded out their Premier League rivals with a view to making a £6million offer for Pennant, although reports are saying Liverpool want a similar fee to the £6.7million they paid Birmingham for Pennant two years ago.

Pennant has struggled for first-team football on Merseyside, so may find the prospect of regular action at Ewood more appealing and his sale would free up more cash for Rafa Benitez to spend on his own targets.

Paul Ince will fancy his chances of getting the best out of Pennant at Blackburn and who can blame him. Pennant is reaching the age where it's make or break, as at 24 he has to start delivering on his potential.

Pennant to Blackburn would be a good move for the player given his lack of action at Anfield, though personally I think he's an excellent player who could thrive given one more chance by Liverpool. Also the present Liverpool system suits him down to the ground, as he's a lot more than just an out and out winger.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Football News: Robbie Keane to Liverpool the Priority

Football News: Benitez now making Robbie Keane to Liverpool his main game

Robbie Keane Tottenham HotspurRafa Benitez is, almost unbelievably, after the yet to be resolved Gareth Barry saga, making Robbie Keane's move to Liverpool his top transfer priority.

Given Liverpool's limited funds, the wealth of midfield options he has, he is now concentrating on bringing Irish striker Keane to Liverpool. All this begs the question on the Barry saga, what was all that about? If Keane has always been the priority, why wait until now to make him as such. Poor old Gareth Barry must be getting a bit worried if he will be playing any football this season, or will he be left to rot in the stands by Aston Villa, with Liverpool unwilling to meet the asking price.

We reckon Robbie Keane to Liverpool is a done deal and we can see why. Keane just behind Torres is a quality partnership, and a great improvement on Crouch, Kuyt and Voronin et al. Liverpool will look a whole lot better if Keane does move from Tottenham. As for the Barry to Liverpool saga - well we reckon Rafa Benitez is playing a game of brinkmanship, and trying to slowly, slowly grind Aston Villa down to a price he can afford to pay. The brinkmanship is if Barry gets nervous, and tells his agent he would go to Highbury as well as Anfield. Villa know the longer it goes on, the lower his value becomes as he has clearly played his last game for the club.

Overall we reckon they are two done deals, eventually! A suitor for Alonso will emerge from Spain, Villa will cave in, and Robbie Keane will be hightailing it north in a move to Liverpool. Boy do these transfers drag on!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Football News: Keane to Liverpool delay

Football News: Robbie Keane's move to Liverpool maybe delayed as Levy postures

Robbie Keane Tottenham HotspurLatest football news has it that Robbie Keanes move to Liverpool maybe delayed as an 'outraged' Spurs chairman Daniel Levy, has complained to the FA about Liverpool and Manchester United's conduct in their pursuit of Robbie Keane and Berbatov.

Liverpool suspect Robbie Keanes club are trying to soften up Spurs fans to the impending departure of both players. Also they further suspect Levy is more angry with Sir Alex Ferguson for his public comment that 'its only a matter of time' before Berbatov moves.

As for Liverpool tapping up Keane - well Mr Levy thats part and parcel of football I'm afraid. It's why Owen and McManaman left Liverpool and why Ronaldo is on his way too. Also Mr Levy seems to have forgotten his part in the tapping up of their present coach Ramos, while Martin Jol was still the manager!

Its well known Robbie Keane is a boyhood Liverpool fan - one of the few who can genuinely say it, even as Jamie Carragher famously said 'they all say that don't they'! Football Focus thinks there was zero tapping up required for Robbie Keane to want to move to Liverpool, and they wouldn't have needed to make the interest known via the media. It's not like they couldn't let him know via a discreet third party is it? Football Focus thinks Levy's words over Keanes move to Liverpool is pure posturing.

Robbie Keane to Liverpool should be a great move for all parties. Spurs get a fat amount of cash to balance the books, Liverpool get a great partner for Torres and Keane gets that move to Livepool he never thought was coming!

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