Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gareth Barry to Liverpool

Reports coming in of a deal done for Gareth Barry to move to Liverpool

Gareth Barry Aston Villa LiverpoolAt long, long, last it appears the Gareth Barry move to Liverpool has happened. Reports are surfacing of Villa recieving 17.5 million plus Steve Finnan for Barry.

Rafael Benitez and all Liverpool fans will be pleased the longest running transfer saga of the summer will now be over. It certainly looks like a combination of Alonso, Pennant, and Voronin have played their last game in the red shirt of Liverpool. Personally I am disappointed in Pennant and that he must go. The guy has simply never fulfilled his promise, though he is still only 24.

Benitez I think is looking at Barry for his versatility and intelligence, plus he is better as a holding midfielder than Alonso, given the absence of Mascherano for a month. Given the price of Barry, Keane and Doessena, Liverpool's indispensables each week are starting to look like: Reina, Arbeloa, Carragher, Agger, Doessena, Barry, Mascherano, Gerrard, Keane, and Torres. That leaves the likes of Skrtel, Babel, Benayoun, and Kuyt all fighting over one spot. Liverpool are certainly going to be very strong this year, but maybe just not quite!

Gareth Barry to Liverpool has proved to be the long yawn of the summer, and it's instructive how Liverpool have struggled to raise the fee. A sign of the credit crunch and Liverpool's parlous finances perhaps? Martin O'Neill will be glad Barry has finally moved to Liverpool, and he can get on with Villa's season!


balaji said...

Now that villa fans, barry himself and liverpool wanting this saga to end in one way it better happen. There have been too many twists to this in the past few days. Barry will finally come to anfield i think.
However what formation and positions will rafa give his starting eleven players is yet to be seen. Not sure if it can be the one to utilize every player's strenghts to the fullest.

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