Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Football News: Robbie Keane to Liverpool the Priority

Football News: Benitez now making Robbie Keane to Liverpool his main game

Robbie Keane Tottenham HotspurRafa Benitez is, almost unbelievably, after the yet to be resolved Gareth Barry saga, making Robbie Keane's move to Liverpool his top transfer priority.

Given Liverpool's limited funds, the wealth of midfield options he has, he is now concentrating on bringing Irish striker Keane to Liverpool. All this begs the question on the Barry saga, what was all that about? If Keane has always been the priority, why wait until now to make him as such. Poor old Gareth Barry must be getting a bit worried if he will be playing any football this season, or will he be left to rot in the stands by Aston Villa, with Liverpool unwilling to meet the asking price.

We reckon Robbie Keane to Liverpool is a done deal and we can see why. Keane just behind Torres is a quality partnership, and a great improvement on Crouch, Kuyt and Voronin et al. Liverpool will look a whole lot better if Keane does move from Tottenham. As for the Barry to Liverpool saga - well we reckon Rafa Benitez is playing a game of brinkmanship, and trying to slowly, slowly grind Aston Villa down to a price he can afford to pay. The brinkmanship is if Barry gets nervous, and tells his agent he would go to Highbury as well as Anfield. Villa know the longer it goes on, the lower his value becomes as he has clearly played his last game for the club.

Overall we reckon they are two done deals, eventually! A suitor for Alonso will emerge from Spain, Villa will cave in, and Robbie Keane will be hightailing it north in a move to Liverpool. Boy do these transfers drag on!!


Jim said...

I think this is Rafa's last crack at the premiership! If he doesnt achieve a decent top 3 position and another trophy, I think his time might be up.

homer said...

yes I'd say thats right, Rafa has given away to many chances

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